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At Protech we are committed to providing the highest quality of energy services. We are dedicated to providing highly qualified, and safe professional personnel.

  • Project Management  

  • Chief Inspector 

  • Assistant Chief Inspector 

  • Engineers 

  • Project Coordinator 

  • Safety Professionals 

  • Energy Professionals

  • Environmental Inspectors 

  • Multi-Class Inspectors (CWI/NACE) 

  • CWI - Certified Welding Inspector 

  • NACE Coating Inspector Levels I, II, III

  • NACE CP Inspectors 

  • API Inspectors

  • Pipeline Integrity Inspectors 

  • Utility Inspectors 

  • Office Management 

  • Blasting Inspectors 

  • Civil Inspectors 

  • Electrical Inspectors

  • Mechanical Inspectors 

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